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Notice to Rental Agents

Rental Agents:


1) Screen your prospective tenants.  Not all

tenants are suited for a condo complex

living style.

2) Pets are allowed but must be pre-approved

by the Board.  Have your new tenant fill out a

"Pet Approval Form" and then submit it to the

Board for approval. 

3) The Chelsea Complex is not best suited to

families as there is not a designated play area

for children.

4)  It is your responsibility to give your tenants

a copy of the Use and Occupancy Restrictions. 

The Board will not tolerate non-compliance of

the by-laws. 

5)  Fines will be levied against the unit for

non-compliance of the by-laws.


Condominium Property Act Section 53


Rental of Units


(1)  An owner of a unit shall not rent the

owner's unit until the owner has given written

notice to the corporation of the owner's

intention to rent the unit, setting out


  (a)  the address at which the owner may be served with a notice by the corporation...



(2)  If an owner of a unit rents the owner's

unit it is a condition of that tenancy, not

withstanding anything in the tenancy

agreement, that any person in possession

of that unit shall not


  (a)  cause damage to the real or personal property of the corporation or the common property, or


  (b) contravene the bylaws.


(3)  The corporation may require an owner

who rents the owner's unit to pay to and

maintain with the corporation a deposit that

the corporation may use for


  (a)  the repair or replacement of the real and personal property of the corporation or of the common property and


  (b)  the maintenance, repair or replacement of any common property that is subject to a lease granted to the owner of the unit ...


that is damaged, destroyed, lost or removed, as the case may be, by any person in possession of the rented unit.


(5)  The owner of a unit shall give the corporation written notice

of the name of the tenant renting the unit within 20 days from the

commencement of the tenancy.


(6)  Within 20 days after ceasing to rent the owner's unit, the

owner shall give the corporation written notice that the owner's

unit is no longer rented.


Notice to give up possession - Section 54


(1)  The corporation may give a tenant

renting a unit a notice to give up

possession of that unit if any person in

possession of the unit


  (a)  causes damage, other than normal wear and tear, to the real or personal property of the corporation or to the common property , or


  (b)  contravenes a bylaw.


(2)  When the corporation gives a tenant a

notice under subsection (1),


  (a)  the tenant shall give up possession of the unit, and


  (b)  notwithstanding the Residential Tenancies Act or anything contained in the tenancy agreement between the tenant and the tenant's landlord, the tenancy agreement terminates,


on the last day of the month immediately following the month in which the notice is served on the tenant.


(3)  A notice given under subsection (1) shall be served on the tenant and the tenant's landlord.


Duties of an Owner - Appendix 1 (2)


An owner

  (a)  shall permit the corporation and its agents, at all

reasonable times on notice (except in case of emergency

when no notice is required), to enter in or on the

owner's unit for the purpose of


     (i) inspecting the unit

     (ii) maintaining, repairing or replacing pipes, ...

existing in the unit and used or capable of being used in

connection with the enjoyment of any other unit or

common property,


     (iii) maintaining, repairing or replacing common property,




     (iv) ensuring that the bylaws are being observed,



Residential Tenancies Act - Section 57


Where a conflict arises between the

Condominium Property Act and the

Residential Tenancies Act... the

Condominium Property Act prevails.